Sunday, May 6, 2012

Travel and Social Media Presentation, HK Social

Last Friday morning, I spoke about Travel and Social Media at the monthly HK Social Meetup. Moderated by Rudi Leung, digital marketing and social media specialist, I was joined by Janice Leung of e_ting (you'll recognize her from the Blogging 101 talk we did together in February 2012) and Ali Bullock, Global Digital Marketing Manager for Cathay Pacific.

Here are the video recordings of HK Social's Travel and Social Media, in case you were curious.

The panel discussion begins at 7:10 and I start my introduction at 9:10.

In Part 2, we take a closer look at how social media is changing the way we travel, connect with others, deal with travel-related sponsorships, and cope with the "glamorous life" of travel blogging.

Part 3 continues with Ali discussing how social media is forcing the travel industry to rethink their marketing strategies, followed by Janice and I reiterating why it's so important for bloggers to remain honest to their readers and provide disclosure about sponsored reviews.

Thanks to my fellow panelists for a great discussion! To view the rest of HK Social's Meetup on Travel and Social Media, refer to Jay Oatway's YouTube channel.

Now that you've heard me speak about how social media is changing travel, in what ways do YOU think social media is effecting travel?

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