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#TTOT Round-Up: Domestic Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Domestic Travel!" 

Q1 from Where would you recommend to travel in your country & why?
  • : Sicily! Wilderness and history. Isole Eolie are amazing
  • : The Great Lakes region, Chicago is a wonderful place. Beaches are great and they allow booze on them, in Indiana 
  • : West & north of Norway, beautiful nature
  • : I definitely recommend Vancouver Island if you're in BC, Canada
  • The Featherbeds in Ireland. Untamed and beautiful
  • California for its diversity: San Francisco to Mojave desert is quite an experience
  • : Eyre Peninsula. It's a cool fusion of Aussie ocean & outback. Pristine, untouched & unbelievable
  • : London's West End where you can attend awesome shows
  • : East coast & south of Korea. Great food, warm-hearted people & beautiful scenery!

Q2 from What makes you wish you'd stayed at home when abroad?
  • : Only the times when something bad has happened at home and I needed to get back quickly. Suddenly home felt even further away  
  • My clean bathroom with plumbing whenever I have to use a dirty, public toilet 
  • : I miss a restful lazy Sunday when I'm abroad. I can't sit still when I'm in 'exploring' mode
  • : My BED!! Nothing like sleeping in your own bed!
  • : This feels like a trick question...nothing? (Maybe Mexican food, but that's not enough to keep me from traveling abroad
  • : Celebrating Christmas without my family
  • : Lack of vegemite
  • : Family and friends

Q3 via Some advocate being a tourist in their own backyard to "discover" things anew. Agree?
  • : Yeah! Because of routine, we often do not see what's right next to us! Adventure, learning, and culture are all around. Soak it in 
  • A place is never static. There is always something new to discover 
  • : They're great things to see & experience everywhere, even right in own backyard which you might miss doing the day-to-day. Go explore 
  • : Showing our city to the kids has been an interesting way of visiting new places 
  • : Being a tourist in your own backyard is great. Lived in London for 12 years, still discovering new stuff
  • : Totally agree being a tourist in ur own backyard is good, but don't do it enough. Life should be one big vacation

Q4 via How does your domestic trip differ from an overseas one (aside from the location)?
  • : Overseas trips require more planning. Domestic trips require more imagination
  • : I pack less, carry my iPhone, and don't worry about cash/banking 
  • : Only difference is less willingness to push danger envelope. Less likely to threaten myself with a hospital stay really far from home
  • My bank account is happier 
  • : More public transportation used abroad
  • : I drink less Guinness abroad but more wine
  • Don't have to worry about the barriers of speaking or reading another language
  • : We're definitely more spontaneous when traveling domestically

Q5 via Recommend something to see in your hometown and post a photo of it

Phoenix: endless beautiful hikes

: Geysir is a pretty neat reminder of the forces of nature

: Edinburgh is any amazing city with lots to do but the castle is definitely a must see

: Visit Rottnest Island and check out the quokkas

And there you have it, "Domestic Travel!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Domestic Travel" discussion? 

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