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#TTOT Round-Up: Travel Food

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Travel Food!" 

Q1 via Plan a picnic with 3 foods from 3 different countries.
  • : Jerk Chicken (Jamaica), Cous-Cous (Moroccan seasonings) and spicy salad (Thailand) 
  • : Cuban ham croquettas, Puerto Rican rum, and gringo Coca-Cola
  • : Sushi from Japan, bubbles from France, jamon iberico from Spain
  • : Chips and guacomole from Mexico, cheese and bread from France, and pizza from Italy
  • : A selection of fresh bread from France, curries from Thailand, and beers form Germany
  • : Falafel from Egypt, Zebu steak from Madagascar, gelato from Italy
  • : Greek salad, Spanish tapas and French cheese
  • : Empanadas from Argentina, tamales from Mexico, and ginger beer from Jamaica

Q2 via What's the strangest food you've had while traveling?

: Deep fried tarantula in Cambodia

: Dried fish and fermented shark from Iceland

: The cuy (Guinea Pig) I ate in Peru doing his best impression of Rodin's The Thinker

: Dried river weed with sesame from Laos

  Kokorec, aka sheep intestine

Q3 via What dish have you always wanted to try?
  • : OK, this is going to sound odd, but I want to try brains. Not the presentation in the skull, just some well prepared brain
  • : I would now try a scorpion. But that was only after I've seen other bloggers eating them and liking them 
  • : Real Indian curries
  • : I have always wanted to try alligator tail in Miami 
  • : Dim sum in China, that would be amazing and is on my bucket list 
  • : I've always wanted to try Persian cuisine how it differs with the the rest of Middle East 
  • : Jambalaya in New Orleans would be pretty cool
  • : I want to try this Brazilian churrascaria in Rio again just to make sure I really did like it
  • : Durian. I'm so embarrassed I've never gotten around to it

Q4 via Have you ever visited a place just for its cuisine? Where?
  • : I have been to been to Kerala once, just to eat their local delicacy called Appams
  • : I did once go to Paris for the weekend for Nutella crepes and croissants
  • : Yes, Parma in Italy. Parma ham, Parmesan and several other lesser known foods including great gelato 
  • : I once routed a flight thru San Francisco so I could get dumplings in Chinatown and then got back on the plane
  • : Penang, Malaysia - unbelievable street food
  • : I will say one of the top reasons I visited NYC was to eat at the first pizza place in the USA: Lombardi's Neapolitan Pizza 
  • : I travel locally for special eats all the time. Especially if there are food festivals 
  • : I love food. But I've never visited a destination just because of it. Traveling is for me a holistic experience
  • : Does going to tropical destinations just for the fresh coconuts on the beach count?

Q5 via Is there a food/snack you always pack when you travel?
  • : Instant oatmeal- can always get hot water; fast, filling, easy to pack snack good any time of day 
  • : Oranges/clementines. There's never a time when I can't use some extra citrus. Plus, they're individually wrapped 
  • : Not now, but in mu backpacking days peanut butter was ALWAYS in my pack. Great go to food "just in case"  
  • : Always have chocolate in bag: great to share, great to cheer one up, perfect for a quick snack 
  • : Not really, but I LOVE wasabi peanuts, so if I can find them, I WILL pack them
  • : Kicap Cap Kipas Udang (Manis) That's right, sweet soy sauce 
  • : No question, Almonds. Healthiest, tastiest most filling snack there is 
  • : Toblerone original nougat chocolate is my travel treat - ever since traveling as a kid with my mom on international flights 
  • My guilty pleasure, buying yogurt-covered pretzels at airport, where available

And there you have it, "Travel Food!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Travel Food" discussion? 

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  1. Ooo, strange foods indeed! The weirdest thing I've eaten is grilled eel in Korea.


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