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#TTOT Round-Up: Drinks - Types & Customs

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Drinks - Types and Customs!" 

Q1 via What's your favorite way to say "cheers" that you've learned on your travels? 
  • : Swedish "Skal!"; easily remembered after several gloggs, and reminds me of happy times in Swedish countryside 
  • The best way of saying 'cheers' has to be in Thai: 'Choc Dee'. Reminds me of street bars in Bangkok and beach bars in Koh Tao 
  • : The Hungarian Egészségedre, always keep others asking huh when I say that
  • : Raised glass plus eye contact. If you don't maintain eye contact, it's seven years of bad sex 
  • : GANBEI! (China)
  • : My gran always said 'Good health Darling' which made drinking a pint seem much more ladylike
  • : A Korean cheers said before taking a shot of soju "Wee-hi-yo" must be said in as strong and deep of a voice as possible 
  • : Right before taking a shot of tequila in Mexico ... Arriba! Abajo! Al Centro! Cuchi Cuchi

Q2 via What drink personifies your travel style, and why?
  • : Malibu and Piña (pineapple juice), I need the added vitamin C
  • : Tequila - Short and sweet 
  • : Family size frozen margarita. Hey, I travel with 5 kids
  • : Bottled local beer - no frills, laid back, umm easy to carry
  • : Coffee to keep bright to observe and experience what I'm in the middle of
  • : A super hoppy IPA = relaxed and mellow
  • : Sangria! I like to take my time and soak in the flavor when I travel
  • : Classic margarita with salted rim-- rough around the edges, sweet, and sometimes salty- not afraid to rough it when I travel
  • : Jack and Coke, because its strong, creeps in slow and leaves you thinking what hit you
  • : Water - I am everywhere
  • : Tea. A calm, warm friend. Best with a little honey

Q3 via Name the best bar you've ever been to in the world!
  • : My university days it has to be Simple Simon's in Canterbury. That was an awesome Pub and live music was just great 
  • : In terms of a beach bar - Anse Chastenet in St Lucia is a hotel/bar in a ridiculous setting with phenomenal sunset 
  • : The best bar has to be Shanghai's EXPO, a good friend and I went bar hopping in the different pavilions. THE BEST 
  • : Lebua Sky Bar in Bangkok! Unbelievable views...and prices
  • : The "Please Don't Tell Bar" in NYC. Located in a greasy hotdog outpost, door to the covert bar is a phonebooth. Coolest bar ever
  • : Swim up bar at Arenal Hot Springs in Costa Rica
  • : The most beautiful one is the Chandelier bar in Las Vegas 

Q4 via What is the most bizarre drink you've had on the road? 
  • : Wedang ronde, a hot ginger drink with large glutinous rice/peanut balls in Central Java 
  • : In Vietnam : Vodka + snakes blood, I had to drink it with the snakes heart, still beating
  • : Fermented horse milk in Mongolia or Chicha in Peru, which I much later learned is fermented with spit
  • : Camel milk in Mongolia. It was a bit sour. And fizzy
  • : Hot Spicy Snail Juice Shooters in Seville
  • : "Chichihuasa" in Bogota: some sort of tea, alcohol and herb mixture includling a bit of pot
  • : Tibetan butter tea
  • : Kava in Viseisei village Fiji whilst couch surfing! Numb lips and NO hangover
  • : Bulgarian Boza - looks like puke but tastes like liquefied rich tea biscuits

Q5 via What drink just says "I am on holiday" to you? 
  • : Anything served in a pineapple is INSTANT vacation
  • : Bottled water
  • : Cold local beer... plain and simple
  • : Although I'm not a big fan of Tequila, I do love a good Margarita, especially in a tropical place 
  • : Anything involving coconut or mango
  • : I'd say anything with alcohol in it, in the middle of the afternoon or morning
  • : Once a tiny umbrella falls into the glass, I consider myself on holiday

And there you have it, "Drinks - Types and Customs!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Drinks - Types and Customs" discussion? 

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