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#TTOT Round-Up: Honeymoon Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Honeymoon Travel!" 

Q1 via : What destination have you visited that you would recommend for a honeymoon?
  • Mumbo Island in Malawi is one of the most romantic places I've ever been to. Perfect for a Robinson Crusoe-style honeymoon 
  • : Thailand is great for a romantic honeymoon or an adventure style one
  • : Rome or Paris. Cliche, I know, but cliche for a reason
  • : Argentina also some some pretty romantic accommodation and cities, plus you can dance the tango too 
  • Reunion Island in Indian Ocean - self-drive in spectacular mountain scenery, swim and snorkel from sandy coast
  • : Hvar, Croatia only place regretted visiting solo because it's a perfect honeymoon destination
  • : After visiting Montreal over the weekend, it gets my vote if you want a city honeymoon that's not too far away
  • : Iceland. You can cuddle in the cold and watch the Northern Lights
  • : I'd recommend Bora Bora or Taha'a in French Poly for a low key honeymoon 

Q2 via : Where did you/would you go for the perfect honeymoon?
  • : Would have to be Madagascar, didn't have an official honeymoon, though had the most amazing time there with the hubby 
  • : Island hopping in the Philippines and including Papua New Guinea 
  • : The Orient Express 
  • : Fiji. Gorgeous, quiet, far away (for many), not over-crowded 
  • : Barbados is where we'd go. Walk along the beautiful beaches and have lunch/dinner looking out to the sea  
  • : Paris - The city of love...and cheese 
  • : Over water bungalow in the Maldives - hands down
  • : Trek Everest Base camp. Marriage is about supporting each other and overcoming challenges together
  • : Maui and Kauai. It was even more beautiful than we expected 
  • : No certain destination - the road would be the perfect place. Making an endless RTW sounds best 

Q3 via : Would you rather honeymoon straight from the wedding or wait? 
  • : Straight from the wedding. You've just had the perfect day so why go back to the humdrum when you can head off right away?
  • : Wait a few days (maybe not quite weeks) to recharge and get ready to explore and experience to the maximum 
  • : No waiting for is too short and I would already be planning the next holiday
  • : Wait for a couple of days, relax a bit and then off to honeymoon destination 
  • : Immediately. You don't have to deal with in-laws right after wedding
  • : A few days after so the stress of wedding planning quickly melts away 
  • : Straight from the way would I want to just sit around I think it'd be awesome to celebrate right away with time alone 
  • : Have 2-3 days after the wedding to farewell family and friends and regroup, then head off on your honeymoon while it's still fresh 
  • Just make your whole marriage a honeymoon, so doesn't matter when you start

Q4 via : What's the most unique honeymoon you've ever heard of?
  • : Climbing Kilimanjaro! AWESOME! Better than the typical honeymoon cliches 
  • : A couple got married under water in scuba costume...That was definitely unique
  • : Friends of mine went for Harley Davidson honeymoon along California's old Route 101 - thought that was quite cool 
  • : Heard of a couple that walked across the US for their honeymoon
  • : Friends went swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef in Australia 
  • : I heard of a couple who went volunteering around East Africa for their honeymoon
  • : A long road trip would make a unique honeymoon
  • : Friends quit jobs, bought boat and sailed from Baltimore to Sydney via Panama Canal and the Pacific for 8 month honeymoon
  • : Friends from college climbed Mount Everest

Q5 via : What travel advice would u give someone planning a honeymoon?
  • : Get on a huge and long trip before getting married to test each other! No better way to find out if you get along 
  • : Go somewhere you've never heard of before and embrace their culture
  • : Don't bring your in-laws
  • : Do whatever the eff you want to! And, if it were me, spend more on the trip than the wedding 
  • : Make sure you both want to go there and that it isn't somewhere that is just a typical honeymoon locale if that isn't your style 
  • : Leave your phones and computers at home
  • : Don't aim to make everything perfect, then every imperfection feels like something gone wrong
  • : Spend less on the wedding, and more on traveling
  • : Relax, who knows the next time you'll have a whole trip to yourselves 
  • : Do NOT, under any circumstances, tell anyone where you are going 
  • : Pack light. You're going to be naked most of the time anyways...well I'd hope so
  • : All about sharing experiences. Do something together you've both never done. Go someplace you've both never gone
  • : Plan plan plan ahead and book early. Ask for guests to contribute - do you really need another salad bowl or toaster? 

And there you have it, "Honeymoon Travel!"  

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  1. I hope you don't mind me commenting on your chat but I came across this honeymoon blog recently that made me want to have second or third winter honeymoon in Marrakech! I can't stop thinking about it. I just have to share it with someone.


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