Thursday, June 16, 2011

KamoN H&S Hair Salon

My hair has taken its fair share of a beating in the last year or so. It's suffered through endless humidity, grimy buildup during long overnight (and sometimes even multiple day) journeys in extreme conditions, overexposure to salt water and sun from days (okay, weeks...OKAY, months) of being a beach bum, several highly suspicious bottles of Indian shampoo (at least I hope it was shampoo), unimaginable amounts of sweat and general laziness on my part. Something had to be done!

The terrible 3 Ds of hair: dry, damaged and dirty

Enter KamoN H&S Hair Salon, a relatively new and intimate Japanese-style hair salon located in the heart of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. I went in for a luxurious head spa treatment, a signature treatment at KamoN, and the results nearly left me speechless!

My glorious hair after my KamoN head spa treatment

Each treatment at KamoN H&S is specially designed for your own hair type and unique hair needs.  The owner and head stylist, Sugi, begins each hair session with a personalized consultation to ensure that your hair gets the exact treatment to rejuvenate your scalp and hair.

Sugi gives each client complete attention

The rigorous, yet completely relaxing head spa treatment left my hair unbelievably smooth, shiny and healthy after an hour of scalp cleansing, massaging, moisturizing and steam treatment. While Sugi worked his magic on my hair, I was transported from the daily chaos of Hong Kong to a sublime state of mind. Pure relaxation! I honestly couldn't get enough of the head massage!

KamoN H&S' core belief is that the health of your hair is of the utmost importance. The products used and sold at KamoN H&S are designed to enrich hair and protect from daily damage. The Japanese products also contain fewer chemicals than traditional salon products to help maintain hair health. And the best part is that the products make your hair smell absolutely amazing!

Special Japanese hair products to promote healthy hair

Although I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, I have to admit, KamoN H&S' head spa treatment really won me over. The daily stresses and exhaustion of Hong Kong has been taken a toll on both me and my hair. With KamoN's head spa treatment, I get to temporarily escape to a private sanctuary and my hair comes out stunning. It's a win-win that I'm more than happy to partake in more often!

And just because I can't get enough of how gorgeous my hair looked after my head spa treatment, here's another photo of my beautiful hair!

Loving my head spa treatment from KamoN H&S!

**KamoN H&S is located on the 7th floor of the Coasia Building at 496-498 Lockhart Road in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. A website is in the works, but for now, you can make reservations by calling +852 2890 1861**

A special "thank you" to HK Fashion Geek for the opportunity to try out KamoN H&S' head spa treatment! Of course, thanks to Sugi and the rest of the KamoN staff for the wonderful experience!

© Connie Hum 2011


  1. Looking good Connie! Got the owners' contact info? I'll contact them about Franchising in Texas.

    Kudos for treating yourself well!

  2. That would be fantastic, though I get the impression they are quite busy with the HK salon at the moment. They only opened last September!

  3. oh my gosh your hair looks fantastic! before reading the post i did a quick skim and i thought the first photo was a wig!

    i have my first salon appoint booked and as excited as i am i'm a bit apprehensive - i really hope they were being honest when they said they know how to do my kind of hair!

  4. Dr. George WheelerJune 17, 2011 at 2:56 AM

    I travel to Hong Kong frequently and have also had the pleasure of having Kazu style and rejuvenate my hair and scalp. Being what I consider a typical American male, I've never made a great fuss about my hair. However, one visit to KamoN and I'm a changed man. I leave his shop feeling like a new man with a new look. My hair and scalp feel fresh and alive. My wife loves it when I return home after a visit with Kazu. She can't stop running her fingers through my hair and she's always impressed with the look.
    I use to make an appointment to get my hair cut before I traveled away from home. But when heading to Hong Kong, I save this new found pleasure for a visit to KamoN. Who would have ever guessed a hair cut could be so invigorating. Plus, you can't beat the price.
    Looking very forward to my next visit ... !

  5. This reminds me i need to get a hair treatment asap. I seem to take advantage of my hair with all the damage T_T

  6. @kay* Thanks so much Kay! I honestly have never seen my hair look any better!

    @Dr. George Wheeler So glad that you've found KamoN in Hong Kong as well! Sugi certainly knows how to work magic, doesn't he?

    @Micamyx|Senyorita I SO wish you were in Hong Kong to experience the head spa treatment at KamoN. I swear, it's incredible!

  7. @Andi of My Beautiful Adventures Thanks Andi! I definitely felt like a million bucks! =)


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