Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#TTOT Roundup: Luxury Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT: 

Q1 via : Where was your finest Luxury Travel experience and why?
  • : Upgrade at Marriot at County Hall in London.. It was awesome with the access to club lounge, views of big Ben.. Awesome room! 
  • : The Rovos Rail from South Africa to Victoria Falls - a fully restored luxury train. Caboose had a bar with a balcony 
  • : I cant afford luxury travel but paying a bit extra for a/c or a pool is luxurious
  • : Some of our editors have been amazed by high end safaris staying at places like Governors' Camp. Such luxury in the wild!
  • Diving into the turquoise Indian Ocean after 4 weeks in Australia's central deserts - it was beyond luxury, it was utopian
  • : Travelled with BA and got upgraded to one of those capsule business class seats. 12 hours flight at that!

My life can't get any more luxurious than a private yacht on the Mediterranean in Turkey

Q2 via : What is your #1 travel luxury item?  
  • : Twinings English Breakfast Tea bags
  • : I bring Swedish candy everywhere. My own personal luxury
  • : A pair of chic stilettos for crazy nights out!
  • : Makeup, teabags, my ipad. Got some actual milk today so that I don't have to have evaporated milk in my drinks. That´s a luxury! 
  • : My cashmere poncho....which double as a cozy inflight blanket 
  • : My "luxury" item is the 1 thing I buy from each destination: a scarf. Every time I look at 1, it reminds me of my travels
  • : My french press and fresh roasted coffee
  • : I cannot travel without my Nikon digital SRL!

    Digital SLRs are one of my travel luxuries as well
Q3 via : If money was no object I'd travel to...
  • : All the 'Stans and do the whole Silk Road by bicycle 
  • : Antarctica
  • : Galapagos. Hit me up some big tortoise action
  • : Pin world map on wall and use darts to decide which place I will visit next!
  • : TURTLE ISLAND in Fiji
  • : I'd hire a private plane and take my all my friends on a trip around the world!
  • : I'd stay in really nice places right in the city center in my favorite European cities, then do the same in SE Asia
  • : I'd stay at all of hotels and resorts on the Conde Nast Traveler Gold List and Travel and Leisure Hot List

Q4 via : How can you make Luxury Travel affordable? 
  • : Become a popular luxury travel blogger!
  • : Travel with friends who accumulated mega points and stay with them at their posh hotel resorts
  • : Discounts and promos!
  • : Travel on the low season! 
  • : If you're game, you could always sneak into the lounge facilities of a 5-star hotel
  • : Go to places where your money will go further
  • : Another is leveraging student/youth discounts when available 
  • : Marry very wealthy! 

Q5 via : Even on a budget, we all want occasional "luxury" splurge items... what is yours?
  • : I love local jewelry designs when traveling
  • : A good cup of brewed coffee and yummy slice of carrot cake or lime pie in a nice cafe
  • : Gotta buy that nice bottle of scotch in Duty free
  • : Excursions - food & wine don't last, clothes go out of style but memories last forever
  • : Exec lounge access is always a winner
  • : If traveling for over a week, I'll spend the last 2 nights in a boutique hotel for some peace and quiet
  • : Every once in a while I like to stay at a place with a fluffy pillow
  • : I got to say "FOOD". I can trade food for comfy bed, easily!! 

    Food and desserts ALWAYS deserve to be splurged on, in my opinion!

And there you have it, "Luxury Travel"!

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Have YOU got anything to add to the Luxury Travel discussion? 

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  1. Oh food..! :) Yes it is really worth it! And DSLR is my luxury item as well..
    Great round up!

  2. I'm sad to have missed this chat, but happy that you recapped it!


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