Sunday, June 19, 2011

Montage Monday: It's Gettin' Hot in HERRR

Yes, summer is definitely upon us and being a true California girl, I love the hot days and long nights that summer brings each year. One thing about recent summers that I do NOT like: humidity. Growing up in California's dry heat, I never had the misfortune of experiencing humidity until I moved to New York City in 2005 and I have never experienced more humidity than in the last year and a half as I traveled my way across Asia.

As I try to do my best to cope with my overactive sweat glands here in Hong Kong, join me as I look back on my HOTTEST memorable summer moments!

Getting good and muddy with friends in Jordan's Dead Sea in 2009. It was easily over 100 degrees (40 Celcius) with very little wind when we made the hour-long journey from Amman. Whatever possessed us to slather hot, stinky mud all over ourselves is beyond me though I will admit, once you washed it off, your skin did look and feel incredible. That Dead Sea mud really does work!

Summer in New York City can't get any better than a nice cold scoop of delicious ice cream from the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory with friends. The unique and refreshing flavors of green tea, almond cookie, red bean and sesame seed are all so yummy! I bet you can't visit the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory just once! I know I couldn't!

The gorgeous blue waters of Granada in the Caribbean in 2007 was were my love of scuba diving began. I got my Open Water certification during the week that I went to visit my high school best friend. It's so awesome when friends live in beautiful places because you have more reason to go!

Kayaking in Pokhara, Nepal with Matt in 2010 was a really fun day and an excellent way to cool off from the heat. Unfortunately, I couldn't really get into the swing of things and ended up going in circles most of the afternoon. I wasn't too fussed, it was a gorgeous setting to be in nonetheless. Besides, Matt capsized in his kayak and that was hilarious!

What's YOUR hottest memory?

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  1. My hottest memory was arriving in Vanuatu. With over 35 degrees celsius and 90% humidity we didn't stop sweating for the whole two weeks..!

  2. I tend to travel in the month of April because I've found that the weather is still very mild in most places then.
    That said, I think one of the hottest places I've been was to a Braves baseball game in Atlanta, Georgia in July of 2009. You just couldn't escape the sun, or the extreme heat.
    My current city of Panama City Beach, Florida gets pretty damn hot and thanks to the sea breeze, the thunder clouds, which help to cool things off in the summer, stay way north of us. This week and last, the average temps are in the mid 90s, with the heat index in the 110s. And that's at 10 in the morning. :)

  3. Last summer, Ferry from Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan and driving across Turkmenistan's Karakum desert. Over 115 degrees Fahrenheit every day, easily requiring 1 liter of water per person per day... brutal.

  4. Hottest memory was Koa Samui in March. I have never felt such heat and humidity. Every day before heading to the seven eleven about a mile away, I would douse myself with cold water. Not but 5 minutes later I was soggy, hot, sweaty mess lol.

  5. I'm currently in Austin, Texas - hotter here than it ever gets in Cambodia or any time I've been in Greece. 103 in the shade... if you can find it. I'm traveling by bus and few stops in this town have shelters or shade - ugh!

    Probably not the travel story you're looking for but it's what I got for now.

  6. ahh grenada shout out :) damn i miss that place! 3 yrs there!!
    but hottest memory: i was in HCM, Vietnam back in June was soo hot and humid. My hair was close to my waist when I was there. But I was so fricking hot i decided to cut it off! There were 4 women around me, holding my hair upwards and cutting it! Cost me about 30,000 vietnamese dong (~2 bucks!). ahhh felt so much better after about 6-7 inches off!

  7. Camping last summer in Alentejo, Portugal. The temperature went over 40 degrees Celsius every day, the peak being 45. We couldn't do countryside walks in that heat so we drove to neighbouring villages and towns, tried to stay in the shade, swam in the Alqueva (the largest artificial lake in Western Europe) and back at the campsite had a swim to cool down before getting settled on the terrace with some wine, local bread and cheese, melon and other such delicacies. Wouldn't mind doing it all oevr again! Joana Rosa (I couldn't sign in to post a comment!)


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