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#TTOT Roundup: Gap Year Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT: 

Q1 via : Why do a gap *year* - why not longer or shorter?
  • : I think it's important to have a "year". It gives you a target, a deadline and a way to budget for your travels
  • : I say ignore the "year" and travel for what ever time you feel comfortable with and can afford! 
  • : A year of holidays will make you gain lot of experiences
  • : I think a lot of people say gap year vaguely, as a phrase that merely means prolonged travels.
  • : I think a "Gap Year" should be the one year that you break from your travels to work
  • : 6mths = confidence. 1 year = experience. 2yrs = residence

Q2 via : What experience did you have on a gap year that you would never have anywhere else?
  • : I tried wwoofing (working on organic farms) in New Zealand - you learn new skills, about local culture and the land  
  • : A European whirlwind romance!!! Don't think that will happen again!!! The Eiffel tower sure does blossom romance!!!
  • : Studied abroad in High school & learned that the American way is not always the best 
  • : Learned that it's not so easy to throw out old routines and habits but once you do... it's completely liberating!
  • : A feeling of delicious freedom, I was living somewhere but didn't belong there, somewhere between a holiday and 'real life'

    Q3 via : What are the elements of a successful gap year?
    • : You MUST be flexible to appreciate a gap year! Expect the unexpected, be willing to explore, and choose the road less traveled
    • : Lots of great food, new and different tastes and bucketloads of whatever the local rotgut/brew is
    • : An open mind, enough money & the willingness to try everything once 
    • : Say yes, more than you say no. You never know what adventure awaits
    • : Understanding that we are all interconnected on this earth
    • : Losing yourself everyday but finding your true self by the time you return 

    Q4 via : Quick visit to as many countries as possible or really immerse in a few countries?
    • : Definitely immerse yourself in a few countries... otherwise you might as well just look up places on google!
    • : Take it slow in some countries, it's not the quantity, it's the quality. Pick up a language,learn to cook a few local dishes
    • : I'm all about immersion! Choose 1 destination, dive in, learn the language, enjoy the culture, develop life lasting friendships
    • : Everyone is different, but I travel quickly. If you need to get immersed in one place, I won't judge you
    • : Frenzied country hopping means you probably won't be back, and I always assume I'll be back (in a non-Schwarzenegger sort of way)

    Q5 via : When is best time to take gap year? Post college, uni or as career break?
    • : Best time is now; next best time is soon. The worst time is 'someday', because I never saw a 'someday' on my calendar
    • : There's no right or wrong time. take your gap year when it feels right to you. I took mine as a career break
    • : I saw a 75 year old lady on a gap year on her own in Down Under and not speaking English
    • : There's no "better time" to do it. The important thing is to do it! 
    • : Take the Gap year whenever you feel like it - and kids are no excuse. Take them with you!

    And there you have it, "Gap Year Travel"!

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    Have YOU got anything to add to the Gap Year Travel discussion? 

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