Sunday, June 5, 2011

Montage Monday: Summer Lovin'

Can you believe it's already June? JUNE! 

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining that summer is upon us. I dare say summer is one of my favorite seasons, though it's in close competition with autumn, oh! and also with winter, though spring is pretty nice too... In any case, I love summer and here are some reasons why I love it so much!

The #1 reason why I love summer so much: beach days! Lazying on the sand, splashing in the cool ocean waves, playing a game of beach volleyball, what's there to NOT love about a day at the beach? In the photo, Matt's making new friends with a couple of kids on the Nai Yang Beach in Phuket, Thailand. I managed to convince the kids that it would be fun to bury Matt in the sand. We all laughed and got to work. After Matt was thoroughly buried, the kids and I ran off to hide!

Sure, you can get ice cream and delicious desserts year-round. But when, other than in the summertime, can you eat serving after serving, buckets after bucket of ice cream without having to explain yourself? Summer, that's when! And when the weather's hot and steamy, nothing else beats the heat than a cold, creamy scoop of ice cream. This inviting dessert was found (and immensely enjoyed) at Siem Reap, Cambodia's The Blue Pumpkin one hot afternoon. The chocolate cake was oh-so ooey and gooey, but the scoop of ice cream, that sure hit the spot.

Hammocks are funny things aren't they? Take them out of a place anywhere near to a beach and they just seem to serve no function. On holiday, hammocks just make sense and you wonder how you ever lived so long without one. In Costa Rica, I practically lived in mine! This little boy became my little shadow while I was staying at his family's little beach resort in Puerto Jimenez and every morning, he would be waiting for me by our hammocks. So cute!

Since the most recent places I've called home have been New York City, Istanbul and Hong Kong, biking isn't a frequent activity of mine. Put me on a bicycle however, and I'm whisked back to my California childhood where every day seemed like summer to me. My friends, Kristin and Kristina, and I went bike riding in New York City's Governor Island where we spent the days giggling and cycling as carefree as when we were eight years old.

Watermelons. They are only in season in the summer. Watermelons!!!

What do YOU love most about summer?

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  1. Awww... I'm so glad its summer... to drink cold beer on a terrace!! That's probably my favorite activity :)

  2. Summer is awesome, love that even back home we get looooooong days :) and add a hammock even more awesomeness

  3. @Katherina I'm inclined to agree with you but the last two homes I've had didn't have terraces! You're going to have to settle for the rooftop! =)

    @Iain Mallory How could I have forgotten about the long days of summer? And see? I told you that adding hammocks to anything in the summertime just makes things better! =)

  4. Having moved back to Europe after 3 years in Vietnam I have to agree that I love the LONG summer nights. Here in Sweden it only gets dark for about 2 hours now so there's plenty of time to enjoy evening drinks :-)

    I also love just sitting out in the park on sunny afternoons.

  5. Happy Summer! I love everything you mentioned. XOXO

  6. Beaches, ice cream (by the tub if I read your post correctly), cycling and watermelon. Damn Connie, I'm so tempted to call in sick tomorrow, turn off the A/C, fill the bath tub w/water melon, plunge in w/a few pints of frosty gelato, a David Sedaris book to spend some "quiet time" and "chill." *laugh*

  7. Hot summer nights!! and when I was in Long Island last summer, Italian Ice and Long Island Seafood!

  8. @Runaway Brit I spent a few nights in June 2009 in Stockholm and loved that the nights weren't so dark! So much fun!

    @Andi of My Beautiful Adventures Glad to hear that summer also makes you happy Andi, though to be honest, you're pretty happy all the time so it's no big surprise! =) That is correct, I did say buckets of ice cream and I'm not going to explain either. It's summer, I can eat all the ice cream I want! =) That bath sounds like the ultimate summer getaway!

    @milania dela cruz, md. Yum, Italian ice... When I saw the words "Long Island" I thought you meant the ice tea and I thought, "Oh yes, I could also go for one of those right now." HAHA!

  9. Awww... I like summer beach time, ice cream and cold beer :=)


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